term treatment is recommended for addicts?

Why is long term treatment recommended for addicts? 

Treatment is aimed to allow people to be productive, functioning members of society

Aside from the obvious primary reason for ending drug abuse, long term treatment is aimed at also returning people to a state of mind, soul and function that allows them to be productive, functioning members of society; in their family set-up, their place of work and the community that they live in.


The Drama Triangle

Substance use disorders

Written by :TESSA OTTEN B/Mast

Addiction cannot be viewed as affecting only the individual who is struggling with a substance use disorder. Substance use disorders are described as a family disease, owing to one family member’s addiction having a powerful effect on other family members, impacting the entire family system (Levin, 1995). Therefore, family members should be included in the recovery process as well. 

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