Being Sober Positivity!

5 Awesome positives that come with being sober

There is a large list of sober benefits that can come with quiting alcohol, regardless of your reasons for quitting drinking (any reason is a good cause in our eyes).

There are clear short-term benefits, such as not waking up with a hangover, remembering your discussions from the night before, and being able to keep track of your wallet, phone, keys, sunglasses, and other valuables.
However, there are numerous advantages to sobriety in terms of overall health: greater mental health, better sleep, and a lower risk of major long-term health consequences.

The wonderfulness of finally being sober.

As Gauteng’s premier alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre, First Step, the Outpatient part of Houghton House Group of Treatment Centre, we pride ourselves in offering patients an endless list of possibilities through sobriety.

Here are just Five of those incredible sober positive possibilities

Get rid of your shame.

Alcohol may easily lead to a cycle of drinking, regretting our actions, and then drinking again, and before we realize it, shame has become a part of our daily lives. Sobriety is empowering because it allows us to be present, show up for ourselves and our loved ones, and be proud of who we are. It also helps us keep sober and accountable for our words and deeds. When you let go of the shame you feel when you drink, you get a new sense of self.

Seek out a sober community.

We don’t have to figure out how to live a clean life on our own. One of the most valuable benefits of being sober is making genuine connections with people who are on the same journey as us, sharing our stories and learning from one another.

Doors open to new sober opportunities

The wonderfulness of finally being sober.

Many of us find that experimenting with an alcohol-free lifestyle inspires us to attempt new things. You start to wonder what else you can achieve once you’ve accomplished the seemingly insurmountable task of becoming sober.

Our team at Gauteng’s premier rehab centre, Houghton House, has proudly watched as patients get sober, pursue dreams, discover passions, and even write books. Many of us are afraid of becoming “boring” if we quit drinking. However, with sobriety, it is possible to become a more interesting person than when we were drinking.

Do not be surprised that as time goes on, doors open and opportunities come a-knockin’.

Shift your narrative to include your financial situation.

Many people have utilized the clarity and understanding acquired from sobriety to restore their financial relationships. When we’ve had a few drinks, our personal finances can become a source of embarrassment and stress, and money becomes a topic we’d rather avoid. Sober we can rethink our ideas and the tales we tell ourselves, even if we can’t improve our financial situation. We can build a future action plan after we have a better understanding of our finances and how we approach money.

Improved interpersonal ties.

When you stop drinking, you give yourself the opportunity to restore your relationship with yourself, allowing you to repair and improve your relationships with others. It’s a widespread misconception that giving up alcohol means giving up your social life, but the truth is that being in recovery can strengthen our bonds with others and increase the quality of our time together. We can be more reliable, set better boundaries, and ask for help when we need it, and we can be better friends, family members, partners, and co-workers by being there and showing up for others on purpose.

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This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the advantages of sobriety!

Sobriety is a personal journey;
each person goes through it at their own speed. And the advantages expand and change with you, so you might notice certain advantages after 30 days but completely various good outcomes after a year.

But one thing we’ve heard repeatedly (and discovered to be true ourselves) is that being sober allows you to come to know and live as your genuine self.

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