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Professional, private and confidential individual and group treatment solutions for sex and love addiction facilitated by psychologists.
There are a myriad of addictions which are not seen as the “usual” suspects. Love and sex addiction are two disorders which fall into this category but need to be addressed and treated with the same love and consistency as any other addiction would.

Love and sex addiction look to fulfil needs of control, love, affection and power which are not being met. They are often linked to early childhood trauma and have an unfair amount of shame attached to them.  As you know with all addictions, intimacy disorders like sex addiction and love addiction are progressive in nature. For these addictions to be treated effectively you need to ensure that you are able to seek out and be treated by highly trained professionals who have all the tools and skills to assist you. 

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Love addiction and sex addiction are intimacy disorders that seek to fulfil unmet needs for control, power, love or affection. These disorders are strongly associated with early childhood trauma and carry a great deal of shame. Like all addictions, intimacy disorders like sex addiction and love addiction are progressive in nature.

Over time, the sex addict may crave more frequent, intense or unusual experiences while the love addict’s cycle of emotionally destructive relationships gets more obsessive and desperate. Both disorders serve the person by achieving an initial sense of relief or euphoria that often becomes harder and harder to attain. Behaviours around love and sex addiction become destructive to the person’s health, relationships, career and/or finances, yet the person feels unable to control their behaviour.

Love addiction and sex addiction are often masked by other concerns such as alcohol and drug addictions and eating disorders. Left unaddressed, sex and love addiction can contribute to chronic relapse and prevent an individual from healing in all areas of their life. The Pathfinder programme addresses the constellation of issues each client struggles with so that they can heal wholly.

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