A great rehabilitation centre, such as Houghton House Addiction & Mental Health Treatment Centres based in Johannesburg, Gauteng, can, and often is a real positive move for the person struggling to overcome drug addiction. It is not the easiest of decisions to make, but rehab can help and sending a loved one to a rehab centre will, in the long run being the wise and successful choice.   Rehabilitation centres are highlighted for the help that is given to a patient suffering with drug addiction HOWEVER in this article we want to highlight the positive ways treatment can benefit you, the loved one who is struggling to cope with the addict.

Rehab can help and allows for clarity

First things first! You must always remember that the main and most important priority a drug addict focuses on is getting more of the drug. They need to keep that drug in their system in order to feel ‘normal.’  The treatment lifts that veil and gets them out of that unwanted influence. The therapies and counselling they receive help with the cravings, which are ever persistent.  This process of detoxification addresses withdrawal and all the negatives that come with it. Rehab can help and once the addict is free from the drug’s pull, they can often

Detoxification is used to address any negative withdrawal problems that can occur. Following that, the addict can experience a variety of things including; a rush of different emotions, dulled by the drug use, and secondly; clarity. The brain, once clouded by the vile drug is now clearer, and this brings with it more thought and observations. Rehab can help and counselling is key at this point as new learnings must be taught so that the patient can learn to recover and live without drugs.

Rehab can help & brings forth education into the mix

Aside from the cravings for substances, an addict is likely to have no clue as to the behaviours they are exhibiting. The constant abuse of drugs creates a significant impact on the brain and body, and with it, many changes. Part of the process of treatment where rehab can help is to educate the patient on these behaviours and the changes that happen to the brain. Also, the therapy allows the patient to learn how to counter these problems and gives them more awareness and understanding of the process of therapy. This is a formidable tool in the fight to end addiction, but also, gives those around the addict a chance to be understood, and understand the entire situation, where rehab can help, both from an addict’s perspective and from an outside one.

Counselling and therapy make a difference to loved ones.

Without help, the many varied reasons for addiction and drug abuse, in general, will most likely never surface. The patient is open to many forms of therapies and highly trained counsellors that will be able to offer effective treatment and approaches. Houghton House, Johannesburg’s premium rehab facility offers a wide range of treatment types, thanks to the advancement of therapies that have been made in the field of health and wellness. Patients who are dealing with a substance use disorder where rehab can help are also in the position to be assisted with a diagnosis of their co-occurring mental health disorder. Professional assistance and treatment can treat those concerns and diagnose disorders correctly. This then opens up the opportunity for the addict to deal with underlying personal issues. This can then provide answers to loved ones and rehab can help heal wounds and rekindle relationships, bonds and answer questions hidden under the shroud of addiction.

Rehab can Help & Time heals.

It is an old saying but a true one nonetheless. Drug addiction and the impulses it brings with it, take time to dissolve. This cannot take place without a good foundation and positive directional movement. The in-house residential treatment timeframe is short in terms of the recovery process, so a crucial part of that time is to create the foundation for a clean life and how to remain sober. This is done through the development of good habits, where rehab can help with boundary establishment and the unwavering care taken by the centre, which includes treatment and therapies. Part of therapy is to create an unwavering, solid foundation to build on the recovery effort. Once treatment is completed, the inclusion of a supportive community and involvement, rehab can help in the life of the recovering addict can and often does mean a life of sustainable recovery.

Treatment Centres have evolved

Years ago, treatment for addiction was done primary in mental health facilities and hospitals. Now, in modern times, addiction treatment centres like Houghton House have a more holistic, home-like, peace-inducing environment. These are safe havens where rehab can help those fighting addictions and the traumas of emotional and personal traumas associated with the addiction. They are a place of healing and can comfort those loved ones who are concerned about who and where their loved ones are being treated.

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