New Year’s Eve Sober

Alternative Ways To Spend New Year’s Eve Sober

Here are some creative New Year’s Eve options

New Year’s Eve is known as a time to celebrate the year that has passed and welcome in the new. While you might be accustomed to the old way of doing things, there’s no shame in breaking free from tradition. You can either spend your evening out on the town with a group of strangers.
However if you are in recovery, it really can’t be like that. Rather stay home and bring in the New Year’s Eve Sober with dear ones.

Here are a few ideas to consider…

You should have a garden party.

Simply getting outside on New Year’s Eve can be a breath of fresh air after a long, strenuous year. All you have to do is lay out some blankets, light a fireplace, or turn on the oven. Take your time going through your favourite recipes and plan out the perfect type of food for your guests. Enjoy music wherever you go with portable speakers and mood lighting, too! You could even consider spending the night camping – or stargazing under the stars!

Send messages of love

Spending New Year’s Eve day sending messages of love to your family, friends and other loved ones is one of the best alternative ideas. This year has been tough, but be positive have New Year’s Eve Sober with love and appreciate friends and family. Send someone special a message to let them know you care.
Even plan ahead and send out your cards for the next twelve months by downloading an app.

Celebrate the New Year’s Eve Sober with Games night

For New Year’s Eve ideas, you could also host a game night. It’s up to you how you play, such as board games face to face with your friends, using social apps on your phone or via a game console with headsets. However you decide to do it, it’s important to create some ground rules first so that everyone has a fun evening–and hopefully doesn’t ruin the spirit of the holidays with an competitive and unruly game of Monopoly or Pictionary!

Build a blanket fort in your living room

It doesn’t get more classic than a family-friendly, Christmas-themed sleepover. Gather together your loved ones to enjoy an evening of fun while becoming one another’s best friends, dressing in your favorite PJs, and avoiding responsibility until morning. It will be the perfect way to start New Year’s Eve Sober, and you’ll be glad when the chaos of January finally settles down.

Quiz Night!

If you’re hosting your New Year’s Eve Sober party, why not round it off with a virtual quiz? You could choose a traditional trivia theme or create questions related to what’s going on in 2022. Or, if you have relatives who haven’t been in touch recently, quiz them on family-related facts and see who knows the most. It can be competitive too: whoever wins will get to host the next New Years Eve sober party when whatever restrictions are placed by their boss end!

Create a home entertainment system

New Years Eve is a fun night – it’s just WAY more fun when you’re with your friends. Why don’t you have a few sober mates over? You’ll avoid the chaos and stay stress-free! Get dressed up or stay in your PJs, it’s all up to you! Turn down the lights, make popcorn and other snacks, get cozy on the couch, and pay a small fee to rent a movie. If you’re looking for inexpensive New Year’s Eve plans this year, consider a home cinema experience which offers family fun without breaking the bank. As New Year’s Eve approaches, buy a projector to really turn things up.

Our family is important to us.

Let’s be honest, we all deserve a break now and then.

New Year’s Eve Sober

If you’re feeling a little frazzled and don’t have time to do all the things, go home to the family. No matter what’s going on, spending a night with your loved ones will make everything feel less hectic and more manageable. Better still, babysit for a sibling so you can get some brownie points from them in 2022!

For some people, New Year’s Eve offers the hope of a fresh start and a chance to finally make good on your resolution. It is often reflective time when we look back at the year and think about what the next one may hold in store for us. However, over 80% of us will actually break our resolutions before the end of the month. Research shows that we are more likely to keep them when they’re smart, measurable and achievable.

Tired of the exhausting holiday season? Why not try chilling out with some festive movies and quality time. Be sure to tune in to one of our alternative plans for New Year’s Eve, First Step wishes you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year! Safe travels!

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