Beating the winter blues as a recovering addict

Winter. It’s cold, miserable and testing at the best of times…

Throw in the big battle to remain sober and it can feel a little too much. Also, winter doesn’t exactly lend itself to fun outdoor activities really, now does it? When recovering through these cold winter months,
it is important to find or take part in uplifting activities to keep your mood elevated.

When there is no sun, and the wind is cold, the weather can bring you down and this can create a temptation to relapse.

Defending against Relapse

The best way to defend yourself against relapse, and continue your fight against addiction, is to find some healthy and fun ways to maintain your good, forward momentum towards recovery. Meditation, removing caffeine and breathing exercises can be used to reduce
stress, however if you want to tackle the weather and have uplifting fun, we have a few

Remove the boredom with a board game!

An instant mood lifter, these games are both mentally challenging (if you get the right
game) and stimulating, and can create a fun, happy environment.

Warm-up with a warm drink.

Hot Chocolate and delicious apple cider warmed up (non-alcoholic cider of course) are
perfect additions to a good book and a crackling fire! You will be lost in the book, and
distracted by the warmth. Perfect!

Watch a movie

There are some amazing movies out right now and your favourite mall probably has a
cinema within its walls. Grab popcorn and coke, and watch Tom Cruise dazzle in his jet in
Top Gun 2 or escape into the world of Dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. The options are endless,
the rewards, plentiful!

Non-addictive flu remedies.

Exercise for a better you!

Feeling a bit down? Got the sniffles? Try out chicken soup, Vicks rub on the chest and just
soak in the warmth by a fire, you will start to recover, quick fast!

Exercise for a better you!

Just because it is winter, does not mean you don’t have to train. It may be harder, but its
more worthwhile trust us! Plus, the feeling of joy knowing that you have done what many
others refuse to do, is worth it alone.
Oh, and exercise releases endorphins, win-win!

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