Effective Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Often treatment for Addiction Issues is delayed or not even considered because people are unable to take time away from their job, school, or family to stay full time at an inpatient rehab. However, that is not the only solution.

Effective Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Our First step Intensive outpatient program is a highly successful and adaptable programme that allows professionals and other people with time constraints to get expert help with their addiction or other co-occurring issues

A daily, intensive and non-residential rehabilitation programme designed for individuals who are suffering from addictive disorders, but financial stresses, legal issues, work obligations and family responsibilities make it impossible for them to take part in inpatient treatment.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

First step Intensive outpatient program is designed for those who need a structured setting to work in but do not require detox or 24-hour care offered by the Houghton House inpatient or residential programs. Our Outpatient Programs provide continuing support to detect and manage, problems issues and triggers allowing individuals to retain sobriety and sustain their recovery.

Effective Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Our Outpatient Programs are considered level two addiction treatment a step-down from level three which is the residential treatment.
Besides our traditional styled outpatient programs with group and individual sessions, the First Step intensive outpatient programs may require more frequent contact with our doctors and therapists.

Our First step Intensive outpatient program includes cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) which address co-occurring disorders, such as anxiety and depression. CBT, family therapy, and counselling will assist in managing relapse triggers in terms of cravings or potentially harmful thoughts and feelings. The First Step team also encourages positive ways to manage as you adapt to an alcohol and drug-free lifestyle.

Duration of the Outpatient Programs

The First step Intensive outpatient program can run for about eight weeks but can be longer. It is dependent on the person involve in what these issues are, the level of addiction and the time needed to deal with co-occurring disorders and mental health problems. While the input and the intensity of intensive outpatient programs will vary, the First step Intensive outpatient program recommends a minimum of 6 hours of therapy on a weekly basis.

First Step clients can attend treatment sessions in the day or night based on their work or life schedule. Remember, this is just a general schedule. Your therapists and counsellors will work with you to set up a schedule that supports your needs.

Making the First Step Can Change Your Life

The First Step intensive outpatient programs are comparable and as effective as those provided in a residential setting. The sympathetic team of specialists will deliver treatment in a professional and highly structured setting. The objective is to assist in getting your life back on track and make available supportive aftercare to increase your chance of remaining sober.

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