Individual therapy sessions provide the space where clients are afforded the safety and comfort to work on their individual growth. Clients re-examine their negative thoughts, behaviour, and actions and work to modify them in ways that support their sobriety. Support, guidance and advice are critical during recovery from addiction

Individual Counselling at First Step

Individual therapy session

Individual counselling covers an extensive range of beneficial processes. Whether you contend with addiction, anxiety, a temperament disorder or another mental health concern, First Step skilled counsellors will take you over the difficulties, complications and achievements of the healing procedure. First Step’s objective is to give you the very best care possible.

At First Step rely on the fact that your mental health doesn’t have to come with a big cost to you. The First Step treatment team works to ensure the highest class of care. We also work with medical aid plans. From young adults to the elderly, First Step staff and councillors service all conditions and ages with professional mental health care that’s dependable, available and inexpensive.

The personalised care we provide is planned to meet you where you’re at and deal with occurring and co-occurring issues. Working with one of our extremely qualified team members, we’ll construct a handling plan unique to your personal issues and one that meets your long-term goals,

Your First Individual Therapy Session  – What to Expect

If you’ve never taken part in treatment before, you may be questioning what it’s like. How will you recognise if the person attempting to help you, your counsellor is the right fit?

Individual counselling at First Step is a remarkable chance to have custom-made support as you steer through your personal challenges and growth. First Step’s therapy sessions with our empathetic, expert counsellor’s will address many of your concerns and issues, whether they are relationships based, substance abuse, depression, anger, anxiety,  around school or career and more.

Our First Step’s therapy sessions are split into a couple of sessions.

Introducing yourself to your councilor

First Step’s first individual therapy session is your first chance for you to get to know one another. Just like any interactive connection, treatment works best when there is a personal connection and trust with your councillor and also with your group.

Meeting each other is a fantastic chance to form a relationship and create the groundwork for interactively communicating with your counsellor. You need to feel like your counsellor is a good fit and you can work with them

Establishing what your needs are?

The most essential part of this initial healing meeting is the understanding of why exactly a patient would seek counselling. Ask a lot of questions, and be prepared for a lot of questions from your councillor as the answers will help them determine exactly what your personal needs are and what should be addressed as you work together.

First Step’s counsellors will also ask how you’ve managed your mental health up to this point.  We will ask questions about what works for you, what doesn’t work and how to help you meet your individual objectives.

Determining Treatment Goals, Regularity and Length of treatment

The objective of our treatment sessions is to discuss and manage mental health fears allowing you to develop, restore and change, on the road to becoming a better, more productive member of society. Individual counselling is goal-driven and the aim is to work closely with your counsellor and create a path to the particular goals you wish to aim for.

First Step treatment sessions are normally an hour in duration. Though, time spent in your consultations depend entirely on your personal needs, recognised goals and the growth made towards them. Often it takes just a few therapy sessions and some concerns can be resolved quickly. Difficult or enduring issues may entail a long-term commitment as you and your counsellor work through hurdles together.

Once you do achieve your goals, continued treatment is always advised to keep on track and assist in your overall mental health.

Always remember if you are battling with addiction, need help and care, turn to our trusted team at First Step Outpatient. At First Step you’ll find  Expert, Reasonably priced Individual Therapy right Near You.


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