York House has been in operation since April 2018 and since then seen many success stories with people growing and grasping the true meaning of recovery. 

“Our home” is a hugely supportive and encouraging environment with residents working hard on themselves to achieve long term sobriety.

York is based in Ferndale and is a beautiful home boasting a magnificent garden including various fruit trees and vegetable garden, pool and even a koi pond.

We have also built our own library where all sorts of reading materials are available for the residents to read and enjoy, from fictional novels to recovery-based literature. To enjoy on the patio overlooking the garden and relaxing in one of the two hammocks we have set up is the perfect place to unwind with a good book.

We pride ourselves in offering a safe and caring monitored living environment with numerous requirements put in place to achieve this such as regular urine tests, check in and curfew times, a full time house manager who is always available to the residents in time of need or just to catch up.

As a group Houghton House encourages patients to stay in some kind of treatment setting for as long as possible and our halfway houses offer just that, a safe living environment giving a person the opportunity to achieve long term sobriety but also giving them the freedom to get back to a day to day life including work and responsibility.

At York we encourage healthy activities over and above recovery based requirements and Saturday nights at the house are often filled with laughter and fun where a lot of the residents opt to stay in and enjoy a movie or games together, this is often after the already completing the Parkrun on a Saturday morning together.

We have gone as far as creating a weekly requirement where one must “just have fun” and I believe we are achieving just that, fun and healthy recoveries.

By living in York and working your recovery we believe a healthy balance of recovery and a happy day to day life is being achieved, building a strong support structure and lifelong like-minded friends.

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