Aspen Halfway House is a transitional living facility for those in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

The atmosphere in the house is largely governed by the spiritual principles of the 12 Step Program. We encourage residents to practice honesty, love, tolerance and mindfulness to all as well as taking responsibility for their own actions. This becomes key in creating a safe space for all living in the house.

As a resident, there are certain expectations that need to be met on a weekly basis, these are all based around keeping residents fully engaged with the 5 pillars of recovery being meetings, step work, sponsor, service and a higher power of their own understanding. We carry each other through the good and the bad times and it is a space where “safe” friendships and bonds are formed.

Research shows that recovering addicts and alcoholics increase their chance of long-term recovery when extending their treatment process through to a halfway house facility.

Some people go to a halfway house after completing long-term addiction treatment, while others go to be in a sober living environment as they begin their journey to recovery. Aspen Halfway House is ideal for people who’ve already completed an inpatient or outpatient treatment program.

The amount of time a resident will stay in a halfway house varies, we strongly suggest a minimum period of 6 months, we also have residents who choose to stay long term. From my own personal experience, Aspen played a vital role in my reintegration back into society and I believe it would be hugely beneficial to anyone who is serious about their recovery.

Having Had the privilege to write this from the perspective of both someone who was a resident at Aspen Halfway House and now being the house mom where I’m able to impart some of the love and support to the residents that was so freely given to me.

Being in recovery myself I have an in-depth understanding of the various trials and tribulations we go through in early recovery as well as the emotional roller coaster we find ourselves on all too often.

I love the role I have at Aspen Halfway House; I get to celebrate the milestones and victories with residents or just simply be a shoulder to cry on. Best of all is that I have access to a full counselling team for any guidance and assistance that I may require as well as 24-hour support from my Directors.

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