For clients who have completed Primary Care

This is a step-down outpatient programme for clients who have completed Primary Care, at Houghton House or other treatment centre.
The programme runs in the morning or early evening and normally consists of three group sessions and one individual session per week.

What happens at “Group”

Group size is often kept to a number of about 12 people to ensure individual consideration.
First Step’s planned and caring environment empowers patients and family members to begin to understand the difficulties and challenges with a programme of self-discipline with addiction, alcohol and drugs. The evening and weekend sessions are planned to allow people to participate in the programme while living normal day-to-day lives and responsibilities.

Often the sessions will include guest speakers such as recovered addicts who discuss coping techniques and experiences while in recovery as well as experts, medical doctors and psychiatrists specializing in addiction and recovery.
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First Step’s treatment is taken from evidence-based rehabilitation treatment which includes Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement.

What are the Goals at Group Sessions

First Step’s goal of the sessions is to diminish the negative feelings around addiction with learning for patients and families. While our experience research indicates group therapy to be a most effective process for understanding and dealing with substance use issues, First Step also offers individual rehabilitation treatment sessions as needed to augment treatment.

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