Our sophisticated Addiction Services and Addiction treatments are specifically planned to deal with diverse stages of alcohol and drug abuse including co-occurring disorders. The professional First Step treatment team will plan a personal package around your needs to offer different levels of specific care.
The Services at the First Step Outpatient Centre Include:

Our Addiction Services and Addiction treatment

Outpatient Programme

A daily, intensive and non-residential rehabilitation programme designed for individuals who are suffering from addictive disorders, but financial stresses, legal issues, work obligations and family responsibilities make it impossible for them to take part in inpatient treatment.
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Aftercare Recovery Maintenance

 Aftercare Recovery Maintenance

Addiction Recovery Maintenance, this is a step-down programme for clients who have completed Primary Care, at Houghton House or other treatment centres. The programme runs in the morning or early evening and consists of three group sessions and one individual session per week.
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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy sessions provide the space where clients are afforded the safety and comfort to work on their individual growth. Clients re-examine their negative thoughts, behaviour, and actions and work to modify them in ways that support their sobriety. Support, guidance and advice are critical during recovery from addiction.
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Family Group Addiction Services

First Step's weekly family programme educates and supports families faced with addiction.

Addiction is called a “family disease” for good reason. By the time most families reach out for help, the disease has progressed to a crisis level. First Step’s weekly family programme educates and supports families faced with addiction. By engaging with other individuals in a similar situation, families learn new, healthy ways of coping. Through education and guidance in group discussions at our Addiction Services meetings, they will gain knowledge and practical skills to support the recovery process.
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Halfway Houses

Our two sister facilities Aspen Halfway house and York Halfway House are within walking distance of First Step. They provide a safe, comfortable and structured tertiary care environment for clients who are busy during the day. These Halfway Houses can be paired with First Step Outpatient Centre Addiction Services such as attendance to the Outpatient or Aftercare programmes.
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Adolescent Addiction Services Outpatient Treatment

Adolescent Addiction Services Outpatient Treatment

It is recommended teenagers do not go to a full-time rehab programme where they may learn bad habits and be influenced by older addicts and patients. With this in mind, we offer the support and guidance in an outpatient forum and often in the one on one environment needed for teenagers to begin their recovery process. We teach teenagers how to regain control of their lives by empowering them with the tools to make positive life choices.
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Corporate Substance Abuse Programmes

Our tailor-made corporate programmes are an essential part of company wellness,  contributing to the overall health and emotional well-being of the workforce while reducing the risk and consequences of substance abuse in the workplace.
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Drug and Alcohol Screening

Our substance testing addiction services

Our substance testing addiction services are used in a multitude of settings such as individuals, schools, workplaces and outpatient and aftercare clients.
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